Safety First: Our Commitment to Safety and Security

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

Your safety and security is the highest priority at Marine Atlantic! This commitment starts at the very top of our organization and involves every single employee. Within Marine Atlantic, we have 15 Occupational Health and Safety committees. These committees meet regularly and provide direction on corporate-wide safety initiatives, and their decisions are experienced every single (Read More)

5 Reasons to Travel by Ferry

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

For centuries, we have travelled by boats and ships, across rivers, lakes and oceans propelled by human strength, wind-filled sails and thrumming engines. As people shaped by the sea, those of us who live on the east coast of Canada can take it for granted, and sometimes we forget what a wonderful experience it is, (Read More)

The Journey - Marine Atlantic’s Blog

by Darrell Mercer

Welcome to “The Journey”, a Marine Atlantic blog designed to communicate a wide variety of information regarding our service directly to you! We’re excited about having another opportunity for direct interaction. We will be using this blog and a newly created Twitter account (@MAferries) as our primary social media platforms. Through this blog, we will (Read More)