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Customer Advisory – Samsung Galaxy Note 7

by Kim Snow, Customer Relationships Manager

For the protection and safety of passengers and crew, Marine Atlantic is urging customers to take extra precautions when travelling with or transporting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices. Pursuant to Transport Canada’s recent advisory related to the usage and storage of the devices on board aircraft, Marine Atlantic is asking customers not to leave the (Read More)

Customers are advised that regulations regarding the transportation of fuel on ferries are strictly enforced.  Under federal legislation, Marine Atlantic is subject to responsibilities as outlined under the Cargo Fumigation and Tackle Regulations, Section 151 (1)(d) which include: (d) the vehicle is carrying, outside the fuel tank, no more than 25 L of the fuel (Read More)

Keeping You Safe and Secure – Our Top Priority

by John Trickett, Manager Corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness

Your safety and security are the greatest considerations in everything we do at Marine Atlantic, with our goal always being the safe and secure transportation of goods and people between the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. And while our knowledgeable customer experience team is always looking for ways to enhance the overall (Read More)

At Marine Atlantic, the safety and security of our passengers and employees is our top priority. Our policies are focused on protecting the well-being of everyone who uses our service or visits our terminal properties. We often receive inquiries from passengers as to why they are not permitted to return to the vehicle decks while (Read More)

Safety First: Our Commitment to Safety and Security

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

Your safety and security is the highest priority at Marine Atlantic! This commitment starts at the very top of our organization and involves every single employee. Within Marine Atlantic, we have 15 Occupational Health and Safety committees. These committees meet regularly and provide direction on corporate-wide safety initiatives, and their decisions are experienced every single (Read More)