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Stay connected while at Sea; Internet Access and Cell Service

by Kristie Cochrane

We recognize that staying connected while travelling is important to our passengers. With more and more tech-savvy customers bringing devices along during their travel to stay connected with friends, family, and businesses, we are often asked about cell phone, Internet access, and even wireless capabilities onboard our vessels. So, what can you expect while at (Read More)

Remember to Keep Your Car Battery Charged

by Darrell Mercer

With today’s technologies, we are all tempted to listen to the radio, run DVD players, laptop computers, music players and other electronic equipment through our car batteries. This can provide entertainment to those waiting their turn to board the vessel, but it can also drain your car’s battery! If you are using your car battery (Read More)

Marine Atlantic recognizes that it can be difficult to carry your baggage with you while you travel. To help make your travel experience more efficient, Marine Atlantic offers a check baggage service for walk-on passengers. Adult passengers travelling with Marine Atlantic may check three (3) pieces of baggage free of charge. The total weight cannot (Read More)

Making a Reservation with Marine Atlantic

by Darrell Mercer

When travelling with Marine Atlantic, it is highly recommended that you make your reservation as soon as you identify your travel plans to secure your preferred crossing and amenities for the trip. While an advance reservation is not required, customers who make reservations avoid the disappointment of sold out sailings or the unavailability of cabins.  (Read More)

Marine Atlantic Welcomes Passengers with Disabilities

by Darrell Mercer

Marine Atlantic is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable travel experience to our passengers with disabilities. As part of this commitment, we have an active committee of Marine Atlantic representatives and persons with disabilities who ensure our vessels and terminals have been designed for maximum accessibility, define best practices, identify assistive devices to make (Read More)

Things to Know Before You Go – Does Marine Atlantic sell Gravol onboard the Vessels?   While Marine Atlantic offers convenient and comfortable travel options to sail between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, the weather in this area of the North Atlantic Ocean can sometimes be challenging. For land lovers who haven’t yet grown their sea (Read More)

Does Marine Atlantic have its own time zone?

by Darrell Mercer

What time is it…well that depends! The Island of Newfoundland is a very unique place; we have our own dialects, food delicacies, a dictionary, and romantic community names that you will find nowhere else in the world.  Of course, we also have our own time zone, Newfoundland Standard Time which is 30 minutes ahead of (Read More)

As with any mode of transportation, it is sometimes necessary for Marine Atlantic to adjust its travel schedule or substitute another vessel on a particular crossing. There are a number of reasons why our schedule could be impacted including poor weather, mechanical issues or medical emergencies. In such cases, we work to minimize the inconvenience (Read More)

Length of crossings - why aren’t they all the same?

by Darrell Mercer

Great question….we hear it quite often, with the same ships running night and day, why does it take longer to make certain crossings versus others. During the summer months, Marine Atlantic offers a daily service between Port aux Basques, N.L., and North Sydney, N.S. and a tri-weekly service between Argentia, N.L., and North Sydney, N.S. (Read More)