Here’s to all our Commercial Drivers!

by Kimberly Snow, Manager of Customer Relationships

Take a look around at everything you see and use. The coffee you just took a sip from, the mail you received from a loved one, or the supper you’ll eat later today are all a result of a commercial drivers’ hard work. As the holiday season approaches, a lot of us don’t have to think about being away from family and friends. For commercial drivers, they’re often on the road, a far from home. Talk to any commercial driver and odds are they miss out on big events with their families. We should all be grateful for the work our commercial drivers do to make sure that Atlantic Canadians have access to the everyday necessities, supplies, and conveniences we need.

Marine Atlantic recognizes the vital role commercial drivers play in our economy and to all communities in our region. That’s why on December 6th we invited our commercial drivers to drop by the commercial lounges in our Port aux Basques and North Sydney terminals for our second Commercial Drivers’ Appreciation Day.

Please take some time to think about and appreciate the importance of commercial drivers in your world. Be sure to thank a commercial driver in person or leave a comment below.