Be On The Lookout For Some Of Our Marine Friends

by Corporate Communications

Did you know that the Cabot Strait is home to some rich and unique marine life? Each crossing, there is a possibility that you may see some of this wildlife and to help we’ve recently launched a number of exciting onboard activities that highlight some of the majestic creatures that call the Atlantic Ocean home.

When in our terminals and onboard our vessels have an eye out for our digital signage featuring a series of facts that have been developed with a local marine biologist about marine life and sea birds that live in and around the waters where we sail.

Once we’ve set sail, grab a set of binoculars from Reception on deck 7 and head out on deck to explore. Perhaps you’ll spot a humpback whale or common dolphin spouting as they pass the boat. Keep your eyes peeled for a northern gannet soaring overhead, or an Atlantic puffin pattering across the waves.

Travelling with children? Once you’re back inside you’ll “dolphinitely” want to head back to reception to get a kids’ word search puzzle. Once the puzzle has been completed, return it to Reception for a chance to win a special marine mammal prize. We’ll be making a draw each day!

Once you’ve returned your puzzle, why not check out our cute photo props and pose for some pictures onboard the ship. Check us out on Facebook,  Instagram or Twitter and share some of your photos!

What better time to take advantage of the chance to learn about marine life and sea birds than while setting sail on the Atlantic Ocean. We look forward to seeing you onboard.