Working with our partners to be prepared

by Paul Griffin, President and CEO

Marine Atlantic’s goal is to prevent an emergency situation before it happens. However, being prepared for such a situation is vital to our emergency preparedness activities.

As a critical piece of national transportation infrastructure, we are committed to continuous improvement, including how we protect safety and respond to an emergency. Practice, education and growth are key components when developing and testing any emergency response preparedness plan. With this in mind, Marine Atlantic will be joined by a number of our agency and community partners on November 21 to participate in Ocean Safe 5, our annual emergency response exercise.

Whether it is responding directly to an emergency, assisting customers, or providing information updates, there are many important duties that are vital in an emergency situation. That is why Marine Atlantic continually participates in exercises to identify where we can make ongoing improvements.

This year’s exercise will see collaboration with community and agency partners in both Port aux Basques and North Sydney working through various potential scenarios and determining our interaction and response activities. It will also consider the actions we would, could or should take collectively in a real situation.

Our commitment to continuous improvement has led us to strengthen our Corporate Emergency Response Plan and build our dedicated Emergency Response Centre. While there is never a one size fits all solution to every emergency that might be faced, we can work to be prepared, consult with stakeholders, identify gaps, and then do it all over again. We want to continue to grow and mature, and respond as effectively as possible when we are presented with an emergency.

We hope we never have to use our plan, but we must continuously undertake these activities to ensure we are prepared. Thank you to our community partners who will be participating in this exercise. It is through this exchange of learning that all of us will further grow and mature.