Why Do We Require a Two-hour Check-in?

by Gerard Merrigan, North Sydney Terminal Manager

Depending on the number of vehicles booked for each crossing, boarding can take place anytime within the two-hour window.

Loading our vessels with hundreds of cars, commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles during every crossing requires significant planning, and strategic use of time and deck space.

We ask our customers to arrive two hours in advance of their scheduled departure time to allow loading activities to take place as efficiently as possible.

Depending on the amount of vehicles booked for each crossing, and the types of vehicles, boarding can take place anytime within that two hour window.

During the loading process, there may be areas on the vehicle decks that are best suited for cars or motorcycles, and other areas that provide maximum space for larger commercial vehicles, motorhomes or buses. We aim to use the over 2,400 lane meters on the vehicle decks as efficiently as possible.

The combined length of the lanes on our vehicle decks is equal to 10 kilometers. If you stand all available lanes on end, they’d be as tall as 20 CN Towers.

Loading the vessel this way helps reduce congestion on our terminal parking lots. It also allows for us to load the vessel as strategically as possible, allowing for more vehicles to travel on each crossing.

Our employees like to say that loading our vessels is like playing a giant game of Tetris.

When travelling with us, we ask that you help us load our vessels as efficiently as possible and arrive two hours prior to your scheduled departure time.

We cannot guarantee your space if you arrive less than two hours before departure time.

For more information, and to book a crossing, visit our website.