Don’t travel. Explore.

by Vicki Rose, Marketing Manager

With the summer season only a few months away, it’s time to begin planning your upcoming vacation. And if you like exploration and adventure, Marine Atlantic offers a great way to see and experience the wonders of the Atlantic Provinces and all they have to offer.

For over 500 years, from the times of John Cabot and Sir Humphrey Gilbert, explorers have been visiting our shores. Today, Marine Atlantic transports thousands of visitors each year who share their appetite for adventure. These modern-day explorers are seeking a unique experience – hiking our abundant nature trails, taking in our scenic beauty, discovering our rich history and unique cultural heritage, taking advantage of a home cooked meal, or simply enjoying our hospitality. There are so many things that attract people to our region of the country, and as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, there is no better time to visit.

So don’t sit in a small seat on an airplane eating bite-sized pretzels.  Come sail with us, and enjoy the freedom of walking around a ship, eating a full course meal in a beautifully appointed dining room, and getting a good night’s sleep in one of our cabins. You never know, you might even see a few whales along the way!  Bring your car, and once you arrive at your destination, you can experience all the scenery of the beautiful Atlantic provinces, at your own pace.

Sure, you could take an airplane, but what fun would that be?   It’s time for an adventure, and all great adventurers come by sea!

For more details, please visit or contact our Reservations Department at 1-800-341-7981. We look forward to welcoming you onboard!