Archives Posted in February 2017

Don’t travel. Explore.

by Vicki Rose, Marketing Manager

With the summer season only a few months away, it’s time to begin planning your upcoming vacation. And if you like exploration and adventure, Marine Atlantic offers a great way to see and experience the wonders of the Atlantic Provinces and all they have to offer. For over 500 years, from the times of John (Read More)

Proud Sponsor of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador’s Annual Conference and Trade Show

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

Newfoundland and Labrador has so much to offer visitors to our province. Whether it is our abundant nature trails, scenic beauty, rich history and unique cultural heritage, or simply our hospitality, there are many reasons why people are attracted to our region of the country. And with 2017 being Canada’s 150th birthday, there has never (Read More)