Change in Calculation of Storage Charges for We-Load Shipments

by Kim Snow, Customer Relationships Manager

Change in Calculation of Storage Charges for We-Load Shipments

Through detailed and ongoing conversation with the commercial industry, Marine Atlantic will be making changes to the calculation of storage charges. The new charges have been designed to more accurately reflect the scheduling needs of our commercial customers picking up we-load units (vehicles that Marine Atlantic loads and offloads on behalf of a customer) at our terminal properties.

 Calculation of Storage Charges for We-Load Shipments

Currently, Marine Atlantic charges storage fees for we-load shipments for units not collected from our terminal facilities within 24 hours of being transported on our service. The purpose of charging storage fees is to encourage customers to remove these units on a timely basis, thereby decreasing traffic and congestion at our terminals.

The CURRENT charges and timeframes are as follows:

Day of disembarking No Charge
24 to 48 hours after disembarking $75.00
48+ hours after disembarking $100.00 per 24 hour period

 In an effort to better reflect the scheduling needs of our commercial customers, Marine Atlantic will be changing when storage charge calculations begin. The new structure will give customers additional storage time at no charge.

For example, should a we-load unit arrive at 07:30 on October 21, the customer has until 23:59 on October 22 before storage fees would begin to be charged.

The NEW charges and time frames (effective October 23, 2016) are as follows:

Day of disembarking up to 23:59 the following day No Charge
First 24 hours following free time $75.00
48 hours + following free time $100.00 per 24 hour period

Under this new structure, the timeframes of when storage fees will be charged will be more predictable and uniform for the customer.

We would also like to advise customers that our Drops Management website has been updated to provide customers with the ability to access 14 days of usage history versus the seven days that was previously available. We hope this will provide customers with more efficient access to their drop trailer information.

We thank you for your business and look forward to a continued dialogue that strengthens the service for both our customers and Marine Atlantic. If you have any additional questions regarding the calculation of storage charges, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for choosing Marine Atlantic.


Kimberly Snow

Manager, Customer Relationships