International Day of the Seafarer

by Darrell Mercer

The International Day of the Seafarer is an annual day of recognition highlighting the efforts of the many men and women who work in the marine industry. Held each year on June 25, the International Maritime Organization and the United Nations encourages people to learn more about the work and dedication of those who serve on board ships of all sizes around the world.

At Marine Atlantic, we are proud of the many dedicated, committed and hardworking employees who serve our customers, transport goods and make the journey between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia a reliable, efficient and enjoyable experience 365 days a year.

The theme of this year’s International Day of the Seafarer is “At Sea For All” which emphasizes the important role seafarers play in our daily lives. Without the service of seafarers, many of the goods that are used and consumed on daily basis would not make it to local store shelves, hospitals, or businesses.

So go ahead, today is the day to thank a seafarer for their efforts throughout the year. Their service often goes unnoticed, but they truly help keep the world’s economy in motion.

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