Supporting Our Communities

by Deborah Inkpen

Each year Marine Atlantic sponsors the Atlantic Provincial Trucking Organization’s Good Samaritan award. The award is given to an individual who demonstrates an act of charity and/or provides assistance to those in need.

This year’s award winner was Stephen Bartlett of Armour Transportation Systems. The award was presented during the APTA Annual Meeting. The following is the amazing story which was submitted with Mr. Bartlett’s nomination. He has been a trucker for 4 years.

The night of May 30, 2015, began as usual until it was discovered that a fellow employee was slumped over the steering wheel of a forklift. It took a few seconds to realize that the employee was unconscious and had no pulse. Stephen Bartlett was the First Aid Provider on shift that night and he was called to help. He put his first aid training to good use.

Stephen immediately went into action and began effective CPR that kept his co-worker from deteriorating even further. Due to the successful efforts of the CPR, when the paramedics and Fire Department arrived they were able to do a “shock” on scene from the defibrillator, this is very important for successful outcome in this type of situation. Stephen’s determination to continue CPR for over 10 minutes ignoring the exhaustion and pain he was experiencing meant the difference between a tragic outcome and a successful one.

Thanks to Stephen, his co-worker gets to count himself as a member of the 5 per cent club. Statistics show that every 100-signinficant cardiac episodes that happen outside a medical facility, only five people survive. Kim Snow, Manager, Customer Relationships who presented Stephen with his award, knows this all too well. Kim’s husband had a serious heart attack at a local dog park last year. Fortunately, an ER doctor was there with her two dogs. She was able to perform life-saving CPR. For Kim, being able to say thank you to the doctor and responders was very important. “Stephen, for your co-worker and those that witnessed the event, having the opportunity to say thank you for what you did is healing to them.”

Stephen’s actions that day truly made the difference between life and death.

We recognize and commend the efforts of Stephen Bartlett and his ability to act quickly when someone was in need of life saving help.