Over the past few years, Marine Atlantic has participated in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) allowing teams of employees to compete against other Corporations in a simulated online race around the world. The objectives of the GCC are to increase physical activity, improve eating habits, encourage healthier lifestyles and promote team participation. This year’s initiative also had the added benefit of raising money for UNICEF in their bid to purchase clean water kits for families and schools around the world.

With over 300,000 participants from 185 countries, the GCC has been a very popular and successful program that has encouraged employees to live healthier lives. This year, 25 Marine Atlantic teams comprising 175 employees walked/ran 139,038 kilometres and burned 8,717,246 calories. Now that’s commitment!

Congratulations to our employees who helped Marine Atlantic achieve third place in the Canadian Transportation category, and congratulations to all participants for helping UNICEF purchase 4,000 clean water kits. This program continues to be a win-win situation for committed participants and dedicated charities looking to improve the lives of people around the world.