Keeping You Safe and Secure – Our Top Priority

by John Trickett, Manager Corporate Security and Emergency Preparedness

Your safety and security are the greatest considerations in everything we do at Marine Atlantic, with our goal always being the safe and secure transportation of goods and people between the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia.

And while our knowledgeable customer experience team is always looking for ways to enhance the overall journey of our customers, the security team has another very vital focus. In the realm of security, keeping people and property safe is no accident; it is achieved by deliberate design with an eye to detail and planning. This concept is called “Security by Environmental Design” and it involves, among other things, using the landscape that you have to work with to enhance security efforts, making conscious design choices and being mindful of all risks and liabilities.

The placement of everything from fencing, bollards, and security cameras are all carefully planned to maximize our security plans. Beautiful rocky embankments near the terminal are not intended for aesthetic pleasure, but rather to limit the unauthorized approach of vehicular traffic. While the funnelling of the traffic increases efficiencies for our operation, it equally mitigates risk to person and property.

There is no doubt that Marine Atlantic has strong security measures in place; however, we all have a role to play, especially as it relates to protecting personal items. Below are some common tips to help keep your belongings safe:

  • Don’t travel with your diamonds – Flashing wealth isn’t a smart idea. Don’t travel with anything you would be devastated to lose.
  • Limit the cash you are carrying. Traceable payment methods such as traveler’s checks and credit cards are more secure.
  • Don’t tempt Pickpockets. If you must use a visible carrying item, such as a fanny pack or a purse, try to minimize the risk (fanny pack tucked under shirt or jacket, purse with thick strap, worn across the chest with clasp facing inward to body). Better yet, distribute your money in a few places on your person.
  • Keep an invisible tether on all belongings. Do not wander away from suitcases or bags, treat them as though they are on a short tether.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – Take note when entering facilities, buildings, vessels, etc. where you would go if there was an issue. Our security guards and staff are positioned to be available to assist.

Most of these tips are common sense and second nature to frequent travellers, but we can all use a reminder when it comes to security. There are many ways that a traveller can increase their safety before they ever leave home. Remember, Travel Safe, Travel Secure.