Welcome Back to our Argentia Ferry Service!

by Darrell Mercer

Nothing says summer in Newfoundland and Labrador more than the beginning of Marine Atlantic’s seasonal Argentia ferry service. And good news, summer has finally arrived; our Argentia ferry service officially begins today! So go ahead, put away that winter coat, find your shorts and t-shirts, breakout the speedos (I’ll keep mine buried in the drawer as to not scare away our visiting friends), and get out and enjoy everything this province has to offer.

For those travelling through Argentia, you have the pleasure of experiencing the MV Atlantic Vision with its comfortable amenities and “cruise ship like feel”. Departing early evening and arriving at port the next morning, you have the opportunity to experience an evening at sea and wake up rested just in time to continue your travels. You may even get the opportunity to say an extra hello to the many whales and porpoises that often like to accompany the vessel at sea.

With such a convenient crossing, customers have asked why Marine Atlantic doesn’t offer it year-round. The reality is that our Argentia-North Sydney ferry service is based on tourist demand in the summer season and the traffic is not sufficient during the rest of the year to offer the service. While we understand that this would be a great addition, a year-round Argentia service would be not be economical from a traffic demand or cost perspective.

So go ahead, make your booking if you haven’t already done so. Our friendly and dedicated Argentia staff members are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Let your adventures begin!