Proud of our History - MV Marine Courier

by Darrell Mercer

Marine Atlantic, its predecessor CN Marine, and pre-confederation Newfoundland coastal boats have a strong and proud history serving the people of Atlantic Canada through ferry terminals, passenger vessels and rail service.

In this week’s “Throwback Thursday” blog posting we highlight the MV Marine Courier which served Newfoundland coastal communities from 1984-1996.

Introduced in 1984 to strengthen the coastal Newfoundland service, the MV Marine Courier shipped freight and passengers between communities. Measuring 38 metres in length and having the ability to carry 144 passengers, the vessel could travel at speeds of up to 20 knots. With the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador taking responsibility for the coastal Newfoundland service in the mid-1990s, the vessel was subsequently sold to private interests.

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In next week’s blog posting we highlight the SS Baccalieu, a Newfoundland coastal boat that served from 1940-1969.