Marine Atlantic Proud to Support 2015 Nautical Skills Competition

by Captain Anderson Noel, Marine Superintendent

Marine Atlantic is proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 Nautical Skills Competition taking place this Saturday, January 24th, at the Marine Institute in St. John’s.

The Nautical Skills Competition is an annual event that brings together Nautical Science students in a competition to further develop their skills and ability within their chosen professions. Hosted by the Company of Master Mariners of Canada (NL Division), in collaboration with the Marine Institute, it presents a series of challenging exercises designed to not only test knowledge and ability, but also develop leadership skills and confidence.

Designed for Nautical Science students, this competition looks to promote the maritime sector, encourage team building and professionalism, and foster a culture of safety. By participating in the event, students have the opportunity to network with some of this region’s most experienced Mariners, interact with fellow cadets, and put their education to the test in the pursuit of the Captain Jim Thorpe trophy.

Team participants are randomly chosen and divided into teams with a mix of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students. Each team is required to compete in 5 different marine-related exercises including Dynamic Positioning, Seamanship, Cargo Work, Shiphandling, and Navigation. Prior to the start of each exercise teams are required to present a 1-2 minute Safety Moment that illustrates to the judges how the team will incorporate safety into their exercise tasks. This year’s “Shiphandling” exercise will include a full motion simulation of a Marine Atlantic vessel docking in port.

The event’s host, the Company of Master Mariners of Canada (CMMC) is a professional association for those qualified to command. It is a not-for-profit organization established to encourage and maintain high and honourable standards within the nautical profession, to further the efficiency of the sea service, and to uphold the status, dignity, and prestige of the marine profession.

As an organization dedicated to safety, integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment, Marine Atlantic is proud to be a part of an event that reflects these values and helps develop the maritime professionals of the future.

Best of luck to all contenders this weekend, and congratulations to the organizers and other industry sponsors on a job well done! We look forward to seeing you all at the awards gala Saturday Evening.

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Twitter: @marineinstitute #NSC2015