From December 19-21, Marine Atlantic will join more than 60 other venues participating in “The Shortest Day”, a three-day celebration of short films which will be offered as free screenings across the country.  A partnership between Telefilm Canada, Sodec Quebec and the National Film Board of Canada, “The Shortest Day” is an entertaining way of welcoming the winter solstice with three programming types for kids, family and comedy.

Marine Atlantic will be showcasing the family package, including films such as “The Sweater” and “The Magic Ferret”, during our 1145am crossings from December 19-21 on board the MV Blue Puttees and MV Highlanders. If you are interested in watching the “The Shortest Day” films, why not book a crossing and catch some of the quality filmmaking available in Canada. If you have already booked your crossing, we hope you enjoy this unique film experience.

For more information on “The Shortest Day” event, please visit: