Christmas is coming and we know that some of those special gifts will be ordered online and shipped to your home address. While actual shipping methods and timeframes are decided by individual suppliers, Marine Atlantic is one piece of the journey and transports hundreds of transport trucks full of supplies each and every day.

To better understand our loading process for commercial customers, once a transport truck arrives at our terminal property they are put into a sequence for boarding the ferry on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on traffic volumes, some trucks may arrive at the terminal and be loaded onto the vessel very quickly. If traffic is heavy, a truck may have to wait for the next crossing which will usually take place between six and twelve hours later.

In the event that severe weather disrupts a scheduled crossing, we try to move as much traffic as quickly as possible once operations resume. Depending on any backlogs that may exist, additional vessels may be brought into service. On average, the MV Blue Puttees and MV Highlanders, two of our larger ferries, transport between 80-100 commercial units every crossing which allows us to move significant volumes of traffic and return to schedule fairly quickly following a delay.

So go ahead, make that special purchase. We’ll work with your supplier or ground transportation company to get your product delivered as quickly as possible.