Marine Atlantic Vessel Profile - MV Leif Ericson

by Darrell Mercer

The MV Leif Ericson is Marine Atlantic’s longest serving vessel in the current fleet, entering service in 2001. Owned by Marine Atlantic, the vessel was named after Leif Ericson to honour the 1000th anniversary of the Norse explorer’s arrival in Newfoundland. The MV Leif Ericson has a total gross weight of 18, 523 tonnes and offers 1550 lane metres on its vehicle decks.


The vessel is currently used as a dedicated commercial ferry transporting traffic between North Sydney and Port aux Basques, the vessel can be used as a passenger ferry when required and offers passenger amenities including public television viewing areas, cabins and a cafeteria style restaurant. In 2011, the vessel received a significant $15 million refit to better serve our customers.

Whether you are a commercial customer looking to move freight or someone wanting to get away for a summer vacation, the MV Leif Ericson is ready to meet your needs. We look forward to welcoming you on board in the near future.