The sailing between North Sydney and Port aux Basques is a popular Marine Atlantic route connecting Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The crossing is usually 6-7 hours in length and often is scheduled to leave at 11:45 am and 11:45 pm. We usually alternate our day crossing and night crossings to take advantage of what each has to offer. For instance, we usually like to get a berth and take a night crossing when we want to get a good start on our trip the next day. For visitors to Newfoundland we would recommend taking a night crossing so that you have a full day to start your exploration of the province. When we travel out of Newfoundland for a trip to Nova Scotia or Ontario, we usually get a berth and take the night crossing so that we have a full day to either explore or drive toward our destination.


2013 June Trip to Ontario 471-001 (Medium)

On the other hand at the end of a trip to the “mainland” we usually take a day crossing to be able to enjoy the cruise experience, sit on the deck and enjoy the view. Since we live in Corner Brook we can easily drive the 2.5 hours home once we arrive in the early evening in Port aux Basques. This also allows you to have a fine meal in one of the ship’s restaurants or take in some of the entertainment. For more information on Marine Atlantic see:


2014 highlanders berth (Medium)