Marine Atlantic North Sydney Terminal Building Update

by Darrell Mercer

If you’ve been to North Sydney lately, you’ll certainly notice that our new terminal building is taking shape. With all trades now working on the interior and exterior of the building, our terminal property is a beehive of construction activity.


Looking at the exterior of the new building, you will notice a new retaining wall, curb and gutter work, parking lot preparation and lighting erection is underway. Bricklaying and road construction activities have started and landscaping will soon commence. Significant progress is also taking place on the interior of the facility including HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, gyproc activities and window and door installation. There are currently 70 local tradespeople on site constructing the new building.




With everyone working together significant progress continues to be made; construction remains on schedule with completion expected by next spring. We look forward to sharing this state-of-the art and environmentally friendly facility with our customers next year.