In June, Marine Atlantic donated a piece of Navigational and Bridge equipment (Compass Binnacle and Bridge Telegraphs) from the SS Burgeo to the Burgeo Museum (the town for which the ship was named). The initiative was spearheaded by Marine Atlantic Captain Dan Strickland, a resident of Burgeo.

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Captain Dan (as he is referred to around Marine Atlantic) explained that the SS Burgeo was a very popular name in the households all along the South and South West coast of Newfoundland from 1940 to 1969 as it delivered freight, mail and people to and from communities all along the coast. “The vessel played a very important role in the development and growth of the community; it was one of the building blocks for the success of the community in the mid 1900’s.”

After discovering that Marine Atlantic had these historical artifacts in its possession, Captain Dan took the initiative and worked to get them donated to the Burgeo museum. Through significant cooperation and collaboration with his colleagues throughout the Corporation, the Compass Binnacle and Bridge Telegraphs are now proudly displayed in Burgeo. As a lover of his home town and its rich history, Dan encourages anyone who’s making their way across the beautiful Island of Newfoundland to drop in and visit the museum and all the Town of Burgeo has to offer!

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