Argentia Service Begins this Weekend

by Darrell Mercer

Summer is finally here! With the start of our seasonal Argentia service, we know that the winter weather is behind us (at least for a few months), and thousands of tourists will be “Taking it on the Road” between Argentia and North Sydney.

To our dedicated and hard-working Argentia employees, welcome back! To our new and returning customers, we are confident you will enjoy this unique and rewarding travel experience.

The MV Atlantic Vision operates on this service and the comfortable vessel offers many onboard amenities. In fact, we’ve heard from numerous customers who describe the MV Atlantic Vision as possessing a “cruise ship like feel”.  With its early evening departures and morning arrivals, you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your evening on the ocean, experience a good night’s sleep and wake up in port well-rested and ready to continue to your destination.

This year you may also notice some work taking place at our docks. This project has been ongoing for the past several months and is designed to strengthen and upgrade our docking infrastructure.

With such a convenient crossing, customers have asked why Marine Atlantic doesn’t offer it year-round. The reality is that our Argentia-North Sydney service is based on tourist demand in the summer season and the traffic is not sufficient during the rest of the year to offer the service. While we understand that this would be a great addition, a year-round Argentia service would be not be economical from a traffic demand or cost perspective.

So now is the time to take advantage of this service, Argentia sailings are departing North Sydney and Argentia until September 27. Don’t be left on the dock with the sightseers wishing they were on the vessel – make your booking today!