You’ve made your reservation, you’ve packed your car, you’ve started your road trip……now it’s time to sail across the Cabot Strait. Here’s some information that may help as you arrive at Marine Atlantic’s terminals!

As you approach our terminal properties you will first encounter tickets booths with helpful staff who will assist in getting you checked-in for boarding. These individuals can help answer any questions you may have regarding your journey and are always willing to assist. To help avoid congestion during the vessel loading and unloading process, we ask passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to the vessel’s scheduled sailing time, but no earlier than four hours in advance.

Our ticket agents will ask you for your reservation number and proper identification. The necessary boarding passes and documentation will be provided to you at that time. We also ask that you self-identify if you are travelling with pets.

If you are travelling from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency may require that your vehicle be washed on site to remove excess dirt to help prevent the spread of potato disease (an organic condition in Newfoundland soil).

Following check-in, you will be directed to a parking area where you will await instructions on boarding and will have the opportunity to use Marine Atlantic’s terminal facilities and amenities until the vessel loading process begins.

Announcements will be made advising of boarding times. And remember, you will need your tickets so that they can be scanned by staff during the boarding process.

When you are ready to board, traffic directors will help guide you to the appropriate deck and parking area on the vessel. That’s it, you’re ready to sail.

Bon Voyage, we hope you have a great trip!