As the only daily ferry service to and from the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Marine Atlantic is a proud transporter of people and commercial products.

People often ask what types of items are shipped on our vessels on a daily basis.  The answer is wide-ranging, everything from fresh produce destined for the grocery store to medical oxygen for use in the province’s hospitals. If you just ate an apple, there is a good chance that it was shipped on a Marine Atlantic vessel.

How about seasonal goods? In December, we have been known to ship jet skis for use in the coming summer season; while in July, we have transported snowmobiles for the winter months. Building a house? Yes…….we likely shipped the materials to help get it built!

We ship wide-loads which include items such as modular homes and require extra space and preparation to board our vessels. We transport restricted items such as propane and fireworks that require extra precautions to make the crossing. We even transport musical instruments, sound equipment and stages for some of the world’s most popular artists. We’ve even been known to host impromptu concerts from time to time on our ships, isn’t that right Willie Nelson?

And while many of the items we ship are destined for Newfoundland and Labrador homes and businesses, we also transport many products from Newfoundland including fresh and frozen fish, fresh milk, paper products and livestock.

For Marine Atlantic, being the only daily ferry service brings significant responsibility and one we do not take lightly. We recognize that everyone has a schedule and retail customers have a requirement for their goods to arrive in an efficient manner. We remain committed to transporting the people and goods that continue to grow the Atlantic Canadian economy on a daily basis.


Feature photo by Roland Kettle