Every Journey Matters

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

For the past few years, Marine Atlantic has been “Changing for You”. The introduction of our new fleet in 2011 marked a period of transition for the organization. With greater capacity, more cabins, and more dining choices, Marine Atlantic was growing and improving for our customers. Since then, we have continued to make changes to shore infrastructure and business processes, with the goal of better service.

We are proud of all the positive changes Marine Atlantic has undergone, and as we look to the future, constant improvement remains a priority. While the changes will continue, such as the building of a new terminal in North Sydney, our focus is always on delivering consistently strong customer service. Your trip is important, to you and to us, whether you are delivering goods to a retail store or on vacation.

This customer service focus is reflected in our most recent marketing campaign, entitled “Every Journey Matters”.  In each of the different executions, we showcase the different roles Marine Atlantic plays in servicing our customers. With convenient and frequent sailing times, friendly service, and a variety of onboard amenities, we are constantly working to deliver reliable customer service. The new campaign also features awesome statistics. Did you know we travel enough in one year to go all the way to the moon? And we deliver enough coffee each month to brew over 2 million cups? That’s a lot of caffeine!

The “Every Journey Matters” campaign is featured in print, billboards, radio, and online. Check out one of our print ads here, and remember to book early for best availability.


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