Remember to Keep Your Car Battery Charged

by Darrell Mercer

With today’s technologies, we are all tempted to listen to the radio, run DVD players, laptop computers, music players and other electronic equipment through our car batteries. This can provide entertainment to those waiting their turn to board the vessel, but it can also drain your car’s battery!

If you are using your car battery to help power entertainment devices, we ask that you start your engine periodically to allow it time to charge. A dead car battery can delay the vessel loading process and could even result in your vehicle not being able to board. Please take every precaution to prevent draining your vehicle’s battery.

In addition, when leaving your vehicle on the vessel, please ensure your headlights are turned off. Headlights that are left on for an extended period of time can also drain your vehicle’s battery.

We recognize that customers are excited to arrive at their destination to continue their journey. Taking a few precautions along the way will allow a timely and efficient disembarkation process.

Happy travels!