Travelling with Allergies... We can help

by Darrell Mercer

Marine Atlantic transports hundreds of thousands of passengers each year and we recognize that the needs of each person are unique. We understand that customers may have a variety of allergies that affect their travel experience and our staff work very hard to respect these challenges.

If you have an allergy that requires special attention, we ask that you self-identify and advise our Customer Relations Department in advance of your crossing. This will allow time to plan and make any arrangements in preparation for your journey.  For example, if you can only eat gluten free products, we will make contact with the vessel and work to have acceptable meals available for your particular crossing. Unfortunately, last minute requests while boarding the vessel may not provide sufficient time to plan for your particular needs; this is the reason why advance notice is very important.

Please note that Marine Atlantic does serve foods containing nuts and peanuts, as well as other foods to which our customers may be allergic.  However, if we are notified of a customer with an allergy, we will take precautions and make every effort to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment.

Marine Atlantic does not screen food items brought on board by our customers.  As such, there may be nut residue, oils or other allergens present in public areas. Caution is advised.

If you have environmental sensitivities, we can help with vehicle placement and the boarding and unloading process.  To accommodate these requests, a doctor’s note is required which needs to be submitted to the Customer Relations Department in advance of travel (Monday-Friday) to allow for appropriate arrangements to be made. Please note that sufficient notice must be provided as last minute requests and details do not provide sufficient planning time.

Marine Atlantic receives many different requests due to allergy concerns each year and please do not hesitate to discuss your challenge with our Customer Relations Department. With advance notice, we will endeavor to make your journey a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Feature photo courtesy of Jarrod David