Marine Atlantic Welcomes Passengers with Disabilities

by Darrell Mercer

Marine Atlantic is committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable travel experience to our passengers with disabilities. As part of this commitment, we have an active committee of Marine Atlantic representatives and persons with disabilities who ensure our vessels and terminals have been designed for maximum accessibility, define best practices, identify assistive devices to make travel more convenient and ensure our staff has extensive training to meet your needs.

All of Marine Atlantic’s ferries are in full compliance with the Canadian Transportation Agency’s Code of Practice on Ferry Accessibility and the code of communication for persons with disabilities. In addition, our passenger buses have chair lifts, and our terminals and vessels have elevators. A manual wheelchair can be requested in advance at our terminals and vessels.

If you are a person with a disability and requesting either a reservation for an attendant (for assistance) or for an adapted cabin (for space and mobility), we ask that you provide proof of disability upon arrival at the terminal. The following are accepted:

  • disabled parking permit
  • CNIB card
  • community card
  • medical note or letter from a recognized disability organization
  • other (please specify)

Passengers who use wheelchairs or who have mobility disabilities and require an aid (e.g., a walker or a cane) are permitted to reserve an adapted cabin in advance. Adapted cabins are also available for hearing impaired passengers.

Service animals are permitted in the terminal and on board our vessels, including in cabins. Please be advised that the necessary documentation demonstrating that the animal is for service purposes is required.

For hearing impaired passengers, hearing impaired pagers are available upon request at the Reception Desk onboard our vessels.

Marine Atlantic welcomes our passengers with disabilities and is continuously looking at ways to further improve our accessibility. If you have any questions or comments related to our service, please speak to any member of our team.


Did You Know:  Marine Atlantic has recently been presented with the Business Award for Independent Living from the Independent Living Resource Centre and the Inclusion Award for Business presented by the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities. These awards are presented to organizations who clearly demonstrate commitment, support and inclusion for persons with disabilities