Things to Know when Travelling with Pets

by Darrell Mercer

Do you have a pet? Many of us do, including a large number of Marine Atlantic employees. We recognize that travelling with pets requires extra planning and supplies, and we work with our customers to provide an enjoyable travel experience for both the pet and owner.

For our customers travelling with pets, Marine Atlantic offers two options. First, the pet can remain in the vehicle for the duration of the crossing. Please note that due to safety and security regulations, customers are not permitted to return to their vehicles once the vessel leaves port and should ensure their pet is comfortable and has everything it needs for the journey.

The second option available is to bring a pet travel carrier and book a space in the vessel’s onboard kennel. All travel carriers must be airline approved, cannot be collapsible and customers must bring their own locks.

Customers are reminded that pets are not permitted in cabins, unless the pet is a certified service animal with approved documentation.

Marine Atlantic services a wide range of customers, some of whom are not comfortable in the presence of certain animals. To respect every customer’s right to an enjoyable travel experience, owners are required to muzzle and leash their pets when they are outside their vehicle. For customers without a muzzle or leash, they can be purchased onboard the vessel.

And remember, please be respectful of others and clean up after your pet!

If you require further information regarding our policies and procedures related to travelling with pets, please visit

We look forward to welcoming you aboard and hope that you and your pet have an enjoyable sailing experience with Marine Atlantic.