As with any mode of transportation, it is sometimes necessary for Marine Atlantic to adjust its travel schedule or substitute another vessel on a particular crossing. There are a number of reasons why our schedule could be impacted including poor weather, mechanical issues or medical emergencies. In such cases, we work to minimize the inconvenience or disruption caused to our customers.

If there is a schedule or vessel change, a cabin reservation could be impacted. Of course, each situation is different and would depend on the number of cabins available on the vessel and the number of reservations for each crossing. The following is a brief synopsis of how cabin reservations are impacted should there be a schedule or vessel change.

First, it is important to understand that a cabin reservation is not guaranteed until you check-in and receive your boarding cards. Should a change to your reservation be made with no cabin available at that time, a full refund of the cabin will be provided. In instances where a different vessel is scheduled that offers fewer cabins, priority is given to passenger bookings in chronological order. For example, those customers who booked in March would be given priority over customers who booked in May.

For sailings that have been combined, for example customers on the 1145 hours sailing re-booked to the 2345 hours sailing, the original bookings on the 2345 hours sailing would retain their cabin reservations. Any remaining cabins would be provided to customers on the 1145 hours sailing as per chronological bookings.

Sometimes customers may be offered a different cabin than what was booked, for example a four-berth cabin instead of a two-berth cabin. Should the alternate arrangement not be acceptable, then a full refund of the cabin will be provided.

If, due to schedule changes, customers are re-booked to a day crossing instead of a night crossing, they have the option of getting a refund or using the cabin and being refunded the difference from the cost of a night cabin. Similarly, if a daytime crossing is re-booked to a night crossing and a cabin was reserved, there is no extra charge for the cabin for the night crossing.

Marine Atlantic works diligently to avoid such disruptions to our customers’ travel plans. While these disruptions do not happen often, we encourage customers to make their reservations early. In every circumstance, our reservations and vessel staff will do everything possible to accommodate our customers’ original booking requests.