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Things to Know Before You Go – Does Marine Atlantic sell Gravol onboard the Vessels?   While Marine Atlantic offers convenient and comfortable travel options to sail between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, the weather in this area of the North Atlantic Ocean can sometimes be challenging. For land lovers who haven’t yet grown their sea (Read More)

Bon appetit! Dining with Marine Atlantic

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

One of the things we most look forward to when we travel is the food we get to enjoy at our destination. And of the great things about travelling by ferry is the chance to have great food before getting there. With menus designed by our team of onboard chefs and Executive Chef David Jewells, (Read More)

Thank You for Your Patience and Understanding

by Don Barnes, Vice President of Customer Experience

While we are very happy to have the MV Blue Puttees back in service and excited to have our Argentia service resuming today, no one is happier or more excited than our customers. The past three weeks have been very difficult for our customers and industry partners – reduced availability of reservations, longer wait times (Read More)

Does Marine Atlantic have its own time zone?

by Darrell Mercer

What time is it…well that depends! The Island of Newfoundland is a very unique place; we have our own dialects, food delicacies, a dictionary, and romantic community names that you will find nowhere else in the world.  Of course, we also have our own time zone, Newfoundland Standard Time which is 30 minutes ahead of (Read More)

Things to Know when Travelling with Pets

by Darrell Mercer

Do you have a pet? Many of us do, including a large number of Marine Atlantic employees. We recognize that travelling with pets requires extra planning and supplies, and we work with our customers to provide an enjoyable travel experience for both the pet and owner. For our customers travelling with pets, Marine Atlantic offers (Read More)

As with any mode of transportation, it is sometimes necessary for Marine Atlantic to adjust its travel schedule or substitute another vessel on a particular crossing. There are a number of reasons why our schedule could be impacted including poor weather, mechanical issues or medical emergencies. In such cases, we work to minimize the inconvenience (Read More)